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It’s more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering. Castrol provides all the oils, fluids and lubricants the world needs, for every driver, every rider and every industry.

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Techno Power Oil Product.

Oil & Gas exploration and production industry aims to contribute to the globally growing energy demand in an ever challenging environment. Whilst the tightening regulatory, environmental and macro-economic landscape add to the complexity, Castrol continue to advance with new lubrication solutions engineered to support new industry technologies and OEM designs enabling asset integrity and reliability.  

We are right here with you when it matters: helping you optimize operating and new build assets by finding incremental gains wherever we collaboratively identify value. Our engineers have a deep understanding of offshore and onshore applications and their operating parameters, and we understand the significant costs of equipment failure. So we focus our expertise on custom-built lubrication schedules and comprehensive technical recommendations supported by advanced analytics. We believe in close cooperation with all industry stakeholders to help you mitigate risks and achieve maximum productivity with the intent of reducing the total cost of ownership.